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Product features

Full protection

These 3-layer surgical masks protect you 99% from bacterias.

Soft earloop

Elastic, cotton yarn doesn't bother the ear even for long periods of use.

A sense of comfort in your facial

Our masks are made of cotton, shaped to the face, and facilitate respiration.

Are not allergic

Our masks which are also ideal for sensitive skin, do not contain rubber powder (latex), synthetics, or parabens.

  • Powder-free

    In contrast to latex gloves, our gloves are powder-free and can be easily used by allergic individuals.

  • Non-allergic

    Unlike latex gloves, vinyl and nitrile gloves contain no rubber dust and produce no allergic reactions.

  • Durable

    High quality and durability mean no tearing or perforation. It sits very comfortably in the hand and creates comfort during use.